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How We Met

Of course… doesn’t Ryan’s life revolve around the Minnesota Vikings one way or the other?  Well we can owe our life together to Kicker Gary Anderson and the 1998 Vikings who narrowly missed going to the Super Bowl that year after going 15-1 during the season.  With the Vikings playing in the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons, Gary Anderson was setting up for a game-winning 38 yard field goal with only 2 minutes to play which would’ve put the Vikings up by 10 points.  Gary Anderson was one of the better kickers of all time and has not missed a kick all year long, so of course the Vikes would be going to the Super Bowl right?  This was Ryan’s last year of college and went to 3 away games during the year and managed to save some money just in case the Vikings went to the Super Bowl… it was finally in his grasp.  BAM… the ball just missed to the right.  The Falcons tied the game up, went to overtime and their kicker made the same 38 yard field goal that the Vikings missed.  Wow, what utter disappointment!

After the depression lifted, Ryan and a few of his college buddies thought they should go somewhere fun with the money they saved.  For the first and only time in his life, Ryan called a travel agent who recommended Hawaii because the flights were so cheap for some reason.  Off to Waikiki!  At the same time, Bryn and 5 of her college girl friends wanted to do a last hurrah trip for their college spring break.  Off to Waikiki for the girls!

Hawaii was a dream trip for both of us… plenty of sun, beaches and excitement.  With Ryan’s trip winding down to the last couple days, the guys went to the famous Duke’s of Waikiki which is a great restaurant right on the beach in Waikiki.  It was a relaxing night listening to music but he could tell this good looking girl was watching him for some time.  Wouldn’t you know, Bryn’s friend Lindy worked up the courage to make Bryn come say hi to the guy she was checking out… a little liquid courage didn’t hurt either!  We hit it off hanging out for Ryan’s final two evenings but would that be the end of things?  Bryn was sad to have met a guy she liked and to have only spent such limited time together.  This guy was from Minnesota of all places while she was from the Seattle area.

When she got home, there was a beautiful bouqet of Hawaiian flowers waiting for her… from Ryan saying how happy he was to have met her and how he had a great time.  After communicating via email/phone, a trip was planned for Ryan and his college buddy to travel cross country two months later to go visit Bryn and take in the Seattle sights.  Maybe things can work out with a fairy tale ending?  With only a couple days to go before the trip, Ryan’s buddy backed out of the trip… wow, can he really go through with a 2-week trip by himself with a girl he barely knows?

Ryan was never so nervous in his life pulling up the driveway of Bryn’s parents house fresh from Minnesota not knowing if this will be the best 2 weeks of his life or the biggest mistake.  Luckily Bryn’s parents Gus & Gena trusted their daughter enough to allow this stranger to stay and feel welcomed.  We took trips to the coast, to Port Townsend where Bryn grew up, to Vancouver with another couple and did the tourist stops in Seattle.  Ryan ate his first oysters, mussels and other amazing seafood.  Bryn was a great host and planned such great things to do.  We both ended up having a great time and kept in touch after the 2 weeks was over.

After many discussions on the phone, both Ryan and Bryn planned to move to Southern California after college.  Bryn went to grad school at the University of Redlands while Ryan started work with his first job out of school living in Newport Beach.  With another life gamble, would our decision to move close to each other work out for the best?  We had an amazing 2 years in California meeting life long friends and living life together.

After Bryn received her Master’s, we decided to take another gamble and moved back to where it all started…. Waikiki!  Bryn got a job working as a Speech Therapist in the schools and we couldn’t pass up living in paradise.  3 wonderful years later we got married on Maui with close family/friends joining us on December 30, 2003.  Of course we had to visit Dukes whenever we wanted as it was within walking distance to our condo.

10 years later…. still no Super Bowl for the Vikings.  But thanks Gary Anderson for that missed FG as you are the sole reason for the new Burge family in Washington!

Ryan & Bryn at Duke's in Waikiki

Ryan & Bryn at Duke's in Waikiki

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  1. March 6, 2009 2:01 pm

    So what Burge Blogger is really saying is that its ALL Bryn’s fault that Gary Anderson missed that field goal!! And now its her fault that TJ Houshyourdaddy went to the Hawks. Hmmmmm…..whats next!

  2. March 7, 2009 2:11 am

    So did you ever thank that college Bud for not making the trip?

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