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Okay, this parenting thing takes some time!?!

April 19, 2010

Okay blaming Bailey because I don’t keep the blog updated is lame I know. So I’ll try to do better from now on…

Time sure if flying by though and we can’t believe how fast Bailey is growing up, she is almost 18 months old! She is constantly running around and is great at copying and learning more words every day. She has started “school” where Bryn works and goes every Tuesday for a couple hours and loves being in a learning environment with other kids. Grandma & Grandpa Gus/Gena usually take her but my mom (Grandma Rhonda) came to visit Easter week and was able to go along and see Bailey in action… she had a great time.

Thinking what all is new in our lives since the last blog is pretty difficult so I’ll just ramble off some thoughts… We had a great family vacation on Bryn’s side of the family the first week of December and went down to Mexico. It was us, Bryn’s parents and her brother Derek’s family. We went to a small surfing/fishing village called Sayulita which is north of Puerto Vallarta about 45 minutes and rented a big house just off the beach for all of us. I don’t remember the last time we took a vacation and stayed in one place the entire time so it was great!

Family in Sayulita Mexico


On our deck


Sailfish we caught!


Four of us went fishing on a cloudy day and were a little disappointed that we couldn’t go out far searching for mahi mahi, but we got one lucky bite and reeled in a 170 pound sailfish!  Derek was the lucky one manning the reel as it bit so he caught us dinner.  It was almost 10 feet long and quite a few locals came to take pictures as our fishermen said it was the biggest fish they caught.  We landed it just offshore a few miles away from our village and the best part… we ate it ceviches style as one of the fisherman went to get a bowl, soy sauce, jalapenos, onions and limes and we ate it as they cleaned it!  Wow it was good…

Bailey not liking Santa so much!?!


Christmas came and of course that means Bailey getting to visit Santa for pictures… needless to say, she didn’t like him very much!?!  LOL   She calmed down afterwards and still likes seeing pictures of Santa saying “ho-ho-ho”, but I doubt she wants to meet him again any time soon!

We had our Christmas at Pete & Linda Dahl’s house which seems to be the norm lately as they are a good central meeting place for our families, and I don’t complain as the food is great!  We always have a good time and were glad to see Annika & Lee make it up from Miami.

Bailey sledding for 1st time


We finally made it up to family friends Gail & Mary Troxell’s house in Waterville which is up high in the plains with lots of snow.  They had an open invite for us to visit but it never worked out until now, so thank you!  Bailey got to do her first sledding and after the initial “what the heck is this”, she loved it!  Thankfully Grandpa Gus wanted to take turns pulling her!  Plus we got to do some snowmobiling as he owns three of them and we were able to go pretty far with great views just from their place. 

Bailey & the Walrus


We took Bailey to the zoo for the first time that she actually knew what the animals were.  She had a great time except got a little scared when she thought the huge Walrus swam right up to her along the window… Bailey’s eyes got bigger and bigger and finally when his body was totally covering Bailey’s, she clung to mom!  LOL 

3-1 victory for the USA Hockey!


Being so close to Vancouver BC, Gus and I drove up for the USA Hockey game during the Olympics and watched a decisive 3-1 victory over Switzerland.  How often can you be within an easy drive to the Olympics, so it was great to take part and cheer U-S-A!!

Nicaragua with Don Pepin and Jaime Garcia


Bryn was such a wonderful wife and let me do a crazy boys trip down to Nicaragua.  I coordinated a trip with the owner of Tatuaje Cigars’ Pete Johnson and we got a VIP style trip provided at Don Pepin Garcia’s factory and fields in Esteli, Nicaragua.  The experience went beyond my expectations as the Garcia family treated us like family and we had such a great time!  Since I traveled that far, I also visited Granada, Ometepe Island and San Juan del Sur on my own but would’ve had much more fun with Bryn along.

Bryn & Bailey in Tulips


Grandma Rhonda came to visit the week leading up to Easter and Bailey had a great time playing with the grandma she doesn’t get to see that often!  We did a trip up to Mt. Vernon to see the tulip fields and had a good time seeing all the colors and playing. 

Bailey checking out the tulips


Grandma Rhonda & Bailey


Bailey getting baptized on Easter


Since Grandma Rhonda was coming to visit, we decided what better time to have Bailey’s baptism, than on Easter when we have a family visitor!  It was a great day with just a few close family members at church, followed by lunch at Gus & Gena’s.  Bailey was a little too scared to go to the pastor, so mom got a little wet as well! 

Some other fun things we recently did was go to the Puyallup Spring Fair where Bailey got to see lots of animals and rides.  The only ride she went on though was the big slide with dad… it was fun!  Bryn and Bailey went up to cousin Quincy’s birthday party but I was a little too sick to go.  The party was at their local kids gym where Bailey had such a blast running around, jumping and going down big gym padding slides!  And last but not least, I did another stupid guy thing and went to see Conan O’Brien on tour.  Since he can’t be on TV any more, he is doing a nationwide tour and since I have always like Conan, I went to get my fix.  It was a great show as Dave Matthews was the surprise guest and sang a song to go along with the happy birthday song to Conan.

Bailey trying to wham the things that pop up!

Bailey & Dad going down the big slide


Saying hi to the mini horse

Me & Conan O'Brien

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