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I guess we’re not the best bloggers!?!

November 11, 2009

Well I guess we’re not the best bloggers as you can see the date of the last post!  Sorry… I guess having a 1 year old can get busy and then things like a blog can easily get pushed back…

Since it’s been so long since we updated the blog, it’s way too hard to pick out pictures to share… there’s just too many!  So instead of having all the pictures to go along with a nice story, I will just attach a slideshow in another post. 

We had a great vacation to Minnesota at the end of August so Bailey could meet the rest of her family that she hasn’t met yet… including great grandma Burge.  The time always goes by so fast but we had such a great time with good weather and got to see so many people!  We were able to spend the first night with my college friend John and had a great time since my two good buddies both have a couple girls and Bailey had fun meeting some new friends.  The next day my mom had the Susan B Komen 3-day walk celebration at the state capitol building grounds which was a great day of inspiration!  My uncle on my mom’s side Ron & Carol, aunts Roz  and Pat were there which was good to see them!  We then stayed at my brother Brent and Dave’s place for a couple nights with my mom visiting and had a fun time with them.  And wouldn’t you know, they only live 10 minutes away from the Mall of America… so guess where Bryn and I went one day???  We then ventured a few hours away and stayed at a cabin on a lake for a couple nights and had fun swimming and making smores at night!  Then off to my dad’s where he hosted a great bbq where all the Minnesota family were able to come and hang out!  It was great seeing some family who I haven’t seen in awhile including the Wagner and Brey clan…  It was so good for everyone to meet Bailey and we had such a great time and was happy that great grandma Burge got some good visiting time!

Mom's family at Susan B Komen celebration

Mom's family at Susan B Komen celebration

with grandpa Lyle and great grandma Burge

At Grandpa Lyle's with Great Grandma Burge









Bailey Mt Ninja

Bailey Mt Ninja!


Once home, we took advantage of some great weather in September and did a hike up in the mountains by Mt. Rainier with the Beards and Gus.  Bailey was just starting to stand up and learning her balance and she just so happened to stand up for one of the first times up high on a cliff!








Vikings fan

Vikings fan...


And for some reason I feel compelled to post this picture of Bailey… she’s definitely a Vikings fan as one of her only words is “FOOTBALL!”  Bryn isn’t so happy that Bailey can say football and not mama.  I wonder how that happened!?! 







October was a fun and busy month as Bailey turned the big 1 on October 28th!  Time sure does fly… wow!  We stayed up at Bryn’s brother Derek & Nat’s house for their annual “Gus”toberfest party.  It was a fun day/evening and then we were able to go to some pumpkin patches the next day and got some good pictures of Bailey and some big pumpkins.  On the day of her birthday, Bryn’s company actually had a planned pumpkin patch field trip so grandma Gena was able to bring Bailey to that while I met them there.  We had a good dinner at Gus/Gena’s and Bailey had some good cupcake for her birthday dessert!  On Halloween, we hosted a birthday/Halloween party and had some family and friends come over.  We had a great time but the house sure was busy with lots of kids excited on Halloween! 

Mt Vernon Pumpkin Patch

Mt Vernon Pumpkin Patch

Ladybug Bailey

Ladybug Bailey











We are all doing great… Bailey started to walk a couple weeks before her birthday and is now walking full time.  She is still falling down lots, but she has so much energy and will to always get right back up and keep going!  She definitely has a ton of energy and will not sit still and we are so fortunate that she is such a happy and good little girl!  She is always smiling and laughing…

We have a family trip planned to Mexico with Bryn’s family after Thanksgiving and are looking forward to some fun in the sun!  We haven’t decided on Christmas plans as of yet as flights are pretty expensive to MN right now but hope to get back there soon as Bailey is growing so fast!

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