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Space Needle Finally!?!

June 7, 2009

Wow, it’s been a little while since our last post!  Sorry but having a baby can make the time fly by!  The month of May went by really fast and I can’t believe we’re well into June already!

Bryn's first Mother's Day in Bellingham

Bryn's first Mother's Day in Bellingham


Bryn had her first official Mother’s Day and spent the weekend in Bellingham with family staying at Grandma Bea’s… Gena’s mom.  We love visiting family up in Bellingham as the San Juan Islands are right off the bay with the great view from their house… it always makes for a relaxing weekend.  Gena and Sally were up visiting during the weekend as well and we were blessed with great weather and took a nice long walk along the water after hitting up the Bellingham Farmers Market.  But laying in bed that night, I realized the only picture we have of Bryn and Bailey on their first Mother’s Day… you can’t even see Bailey!?!  She is in the stroller of course as you can see to the side, but what kind of father doesn’t get a real picture of them together???  Sorry Bryn.



Bailey playing with cousin Meadow

Bailey playing with cousin Meadow


We also visited with Bryn’s brother Derek, Natalie and the kids on the drive up to Bellingham.  As you can see, Bailey got some play time with cousin Meadow and we all enjoyed the visit ending with a bonfire into the evening before we had to head to Bellingham.


Bailey's first food besides rice cereal... carrots!

Bailey's first food besides rice cereal... carrots!




Bailey is growing up pretty fast… over 7 months old already!  She has been eating real food (besides rice cereal) now and she really enjoyed her first carrots!  We have been buying organic fruits/veggies and also blending up our own avocado and bananas so far.  We are looking forward to blending our own veggies shortly and Papa Gus is ready to try new foods as well.  She isn’t crawling yet as some people have asked, but is rolling around and sitting up pretty good now but is definitely a big “talker.”  For some reason she is really getting the “D” sound down pat, as in dada.  I haven’t been practicing with her… 🙂 



Top of Space Needle with Grandma Rhonda Burge

Top of Space Needle with Grandma Rhonda Burge


Bryn and her good college friends pretended to be back in college again during Memorial Weekend and took off to Dallas and stayed with Ally.  It was the same 6 girls that vacationed in Hawaii when Bryn and I met, so it’s good they all have stayed good friends.  They lounged poolside and left all cares and worries back home… So, Grandma Rhonda Burge took advantage and came out to visit and had all kinds of Bailey time.  Since Bryn never offers to take me to the Space Needle, I had to be the tourist with grandma and Bailey and took advantage of the great weather and had a great time.  We happened to go during the Folk Life Festival which has tons of music and festivities so it was an adventure with so many people around, but we had a great time.  The picture is from the top of the needle looking northwest. 



Tacoma waterfront

Tacoma waterfront


Rhonda stayed for over a week and enjoyed babysitting Bailey during the work week.  We had plenty of fun time and enjoyed a nice walk along the Tacoma waterfront and lunch afterwards.  The picture of Bailey and Bryn is from our lunch stop at C.I. Shenanigans and the view is from our table. 






We are looking forward to our friend Craig’s visit this upcoming weekend as it’s been awhile since we have seen him.  Bryn has the week leading up to the 4th of July off of work so I’m sure we will find something fun to do and the rest of the Summer calendar is filling up.  We also just booked our trip to Minnesota for the last week of August and are looking forward to seeing everyone again and letting Bailey meet more of her family!

We will try to update the blog more often…  Take care and Aloha!


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  1. Bonny Edin permalink
    June 10, 2009 7:58 am

    Wow she’s getting big!! Super cute pictures!!! The one with Bailey and Bryn on Tacoma waterfront is the BEST!! I hear Grandma Rhonda had a wonderful time.

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